Thursday, 5 July 2012

Warmer evenings

                                  A nice Grisle goes back!

Today the air temperature pushed past 20c, it's been a long time since we had a warm evening for some Sea-trout fishing! Hopefully tonight we can get some good sport and get a few in the book, we are hugely down on numbers and need to catch up to our averages.

                George Kuczera with a sea-liced fish from Rossicks

There could be a fly in the ointment however, as with warm temperatures comes the chance of thunder storms!!! The river has just dropped to a good level for all the beats and the peat stain has all but gone, the last thing we need is a lot more rain and a rising river.

As far as this weeks catches are concerned, it's been a good start, Carlogie is leading the way again and is already into double figures and it has now overtaken Ballogie as the top beat on the river for catches, could this year be the year Carlogie beats Ballogie!!!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Double the 5 year average!!!

 Kevin Fraser with a good fish from the Bend pool at Commonty caught on one of my Cascade Snaelda doubles.

Carlogie has had another great week!! finishing with total of 17 salmon and Grilse for the week, this brings the total for June for Carlogie to 54, compared with an 5 year average catch for June of 25 which is more than double the average!!

   Rob Bull with a fish from Rossicks pool Carlogie, this was caught at 3ft 3" on the gauge!!

The Ballogie beats produced 24 salmon for the week with Richard Newtons party landing 19 for their week at Carlogie and Ballogie, had the river levels behaved we could of had a much better week. Sea-trout catches have been poor due to the conditions but I'm sure if it ever stops raining we could see a big catch of Sea-trout, as I'm writing this the rain is as hard as ever and we may yet again get a rising river for the start of the new week.

"Singing in the rain"