Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nearly there!!!

Well it's that time of year again!! The start of the 2013 season is about to begin, condition couldn't be better! The river is sitting at 3ft on the Bridge pool gauge, the water is running clear and the wind has dropped.

                                                                     The Potarch bridge a week ago

And this how it looks today. Perfect!!!
We have a lot of snow in the hills which will be good for the river levels if we can hold on to it until late spring.
The opening ceremony will be again at Ballogie at the Bridge pool and will start at 10.30am we are expecting around 250 people to attend the ceremony, I will do a full report tomorrow with lots of photos from the event.
The Marquee ready for the big day
 A bit of fun

Monday, 28 January 2013

Winter Work!

No doubt everyone will be relieved to see that the blog is back up and running!!!
I had lots of you messaging me why the blog stopped in July, the reason being I just didn't have time to do everything!!!! My fly-tying business has taken off in a big way and I had to give up something, unfortunately it was the blog, there wasn't enough hours in the day but hopefully this season I can continue throughout the season even if it's just a weekly report in the summer.
                                       Ian Fraser making a start on the new fence at the Bridge pool Ballogie

New season = Lots of news.........

As usual we have been busy on the riverbanks, however the weather hasn't really helped us out very much! Heavy rain and high water doesn't make for great conditions when working on the banks but we managed a week after the Christmas and New Year break and then the snow started! We had 17" in 1 day so, again, we had to abandon riverbank work.

                                     The bank at Commonty just above the Garden pool before we started work.

And the finished job! This bit will be good in very high water. The fish lie in close to our side and before we did this it was a very tricky wade to get out past the leaning trees so you could cast safely without hitting the overhanging branches.