Thursday, 19 April 2012

Summer levels!!

                               Nice fish from the Slips pool Ballogie

Conditions have now become very hard! Bright sunshine combined with very low water has meant that fishing the pools is becoming hard work, with all the fish now lying in the streamy necks and tails of the pools we have very limited areas to fish, the risk of disease speading from fish to fish will now accelerate quickly. We are seeing fungus on many springers in the pools and seeing some of the Kelts- I can only describe the as "Furry" as they have so much white fungus on them, we desperatly need some rain so the fish can spread out through the pools and the river temperature can drop.

As always at the Ballogie Beats we will keep encouaging the fishers, keeping them over the lies and try every trick in the book to get them a fish. Hopefully by tomorrow the weather will change and we will get some cloud cover, the forcast is for no rain but we will keep our fingers crosssed for next week.

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