Sunday, 10 March 2013

Picking away - Again!!!

The River Dee opening ceremony, celebrating 150 years of the River Dee board. This was painted by local artist Howard Butterworth and it's limited to 100 signed copies. To own a piece of river Dee history go to - I've ordered mine!!


                                                         Mattias with a nice springer from the Top Gannets

Another hard week with only 9 fish from the Ballogie beats, which when you see what was caught on the river wasn't too bad!! Peter londsdales team at Ballogie had 7 for the week but with only 1 rod fishing on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday and then 3 rods fishing Thursday, Friday and Saturday the beat could of produced more!!

                                                        Ernie Hemmings into a fish at upper Inchbare.

This morning we have snow again! And from what the weather forcasters say we could be in for a tough week! I had hoped that the rain that fell on Friday would of put the river level up significantly but nothing changed! It had fallen as snow on the hills and will now take a long time to get into the river, I hope that over the weekend some new fish will find their way up into the middle Dee so we can get some good sport next week, the team I have will fish hard and I'm sure of some good catches, it wont be for the lack of effort I can assure you!!

                                                                               Safely into the net!

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