Monday, 18 March 2013

Bloody Weather!

                                        A fish caught today at the Mill pool Carlogie in a rising and dirty river

Mawill Ludenbach from Fly-only Project with a springer from the Boat pool at Carlogie.

Catches haven't improved since my last entry! The river has been very cold with 2 days of Grue last week and some pretty horrible fishing conditions, we only managed 5 fish for all 3 beats last week and with the conditions we've had today I can't see us getting lots more this week, as i'm writing this we are having a blizzard outside with forcasters predicting upto 20" of snow for the mountains overnight and into tomorrow the river will still be cold and the fish slow to move through the river.

                                                       A nice one from the Top Gannets at Ballogie


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