Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fish at last!!

At last the fish have arrived!! We managed to get some sealiced salmon this week, after the big flood last week I was pretty sure they would run up the river after it had cleared. I did expect to see more fish in the pools but due to the water temperature falling the fish seemed reluctant to move fast through the pools, the water temperature dropped from 48f to 42f due to the snow and frost we had towards the end of the week. With the weather forcast indicating no cold nights we may see some increase in the water temperature and some snow melt into the river.

                     Kevin Fraser with a fish from Fraser's pool at Carlogie, nice to get a fish in a pool named after you!!

Jerk Sonnichsen and his team from Denmark were at Ballogie this week, they had a total of 17 salmon and 2 seatrout. Jerk celebrated some firsts this week which included his capture of his 100th Dee springer!! He also caught his biggest Dee fish at 22lb and caught fish in 2 pools he had never had fish from before.

           Alan Lankshear playing a fish in the Boat pool at Carlogie, Alan will celebrate his 90th Birthday at the end of May!

Mike Wrightson and his team of rods were at Carlogie this week and with a little help from the Ghillies manages to land 11 Salmon for their week, It's great to see them fishing hard because the average age of the team this year is 84 years old!! I hope to still be able to fish like this when i'm 84!!

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