Monday, 1 April 2013

Siberian Spring!

                                                                      A fine springer from Ballogie

That's another month gone by and still not much has changed in the conditions on the Ballogie beats, low water cold river temperatures have made sport difficult to say the least!! We did manage a few fish last week with Commonty producing 4 for the week which was really good, we have a great team of Scandinavian anglers fishing there for nearly 3 weeks who really put in the hours fishing and were duly rewarded with fish. Ballogie had 2 in the first part of the week and Carlogie only managed 1 for the week.

                                                                              Ready to be released!

With the weather seemingly stuck in the East there looks to be no change in the conditions for this week apart from maybe slightly warmer air temperatures which if we're lucky could melt some of the snow and bring the river up, this could provide us with some much needed fish to move from the lower river into the middle and upper river.

                                                             Mattias with a Rawner caught from Carlogie

Altough the catches for February and March look bad, they are still better than the catches of 2010, we have a short memory and only look at the present season to judge how the fishing has been.

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