Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pools at Ballogie

These photos show the top half of the Ballogie beat, this is divided up into 2 beats for 2 rods, each getting 1/2 a mile of fishing. There are 17 pools in total starting at Top Gannets and finishing at the Pot above the Potarch Bridge.

                                                                        Top Gannets

                                                                       Middle Gannets

                                                                      Lower Gannets

                                                                         New Pool

                                                                 Upper Ghillies Pool

                                                                  Lower Ghillies Pool

                                                                   Sands/Mid hole

                                                                          Top Slip

                                                        Middle Slip-Lower Slip/Rail End

                                                                           Top Flats

                                                             Middle Flats-Lower Flats

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